About Me

A dear friend of ours often jokingly quotes: "Well, enough about me.  What do YOU think...about me?"

There are so many aching, broken, empty, hearts in the world.  As the Lord continually shapes me and teaches me how to love, my suspicions are confirmed. The world really doesn't need to know about me.  They need to know about Jesus.  My prayer is that my words would be His words, that in my quest to follow Him, I would learn to continually give up the control of my life and sacrifice "my way" for His way.  That He would use my screwed up little life to reflect His compassion, patience, and desire for the people who need Him most.  That my hobbies and the things that I love would be a venue for His Good News.  

He is my hope, and my solid ground.  My heart is full of JOY, because the end-game is clear.  There IS purpose in life.  We may struggle to find our place, our calling, but He is waiting patiently, longing for us to put our faith in Him and His leadership.  We struggle with our sins and shortcomings, but He is waiting to forgive, to bless, to lift us up and allow us to grow in the safety and protection of "His way."  

I look forward to growing in grace together with you, and hope you will bear with me as He continually molds and changes us to be more like Himself!

<3 <3 <3 Lydia