Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lamb Season, YAY!

 "Hey you, camera face!  Is it spwing yet?  I do wike this wiiiiwy soft gween stuff."

This is Poppy, one of Muffin's twins!  She and her brother Blueberry were born last Sunday. :-)  

Little "Blueberry" (or "Little Boy Blue," for short.) HA!  He is the smallest lamb born so far, at 5 lbs.  His sister was 6 lbs, and the triplet boys born on the same day ranged from 8-11 lbs!

"Checkers" from Lilly!  He and his two brothers were born last Sunday before Poppy and Blueberry.

We are so lovin' the spots!
 Stormy and Checkers

Along with all these wonderful lambs comes the incredibly nutritious sheep milk.  We have already made the first Paneer cheese of the season, and are so excited to get started making yogurt!

Some of Sefi's beautiful natural brown fiber, all spun and ready to be crocheted!

 And the finished incredibly soft infinity scarf.  Thanks Sefi!

 Several weeks ago we brought home our first two Kune Kune piglets.  They are much bigger now!  Can't believe how much these guys EAT.  Kune Kune pigs are grazers and foragers, which makes them perfect for an organic grazing paradigm.  Looking forward to seeing how they do over the summer pastured with the sheep!

The NZ Flemish bunnies are all grown up and almost ready for new homes.
 And there have been several more litters born in the last week, including a litter of 12!  Can you spot the two itti-bitties?  They are from the litter of 12, and being fostered by a doe who had 8. I am giving this a try to ensure there is enough milk to go around (hopefully!)   
It is a busy time of year!  Thank you Lord for all of this wonderful new life!