Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Critter Farming

Several weeks ago we decided to try hatching some eggs.  We started with 7 eggs.  Guess how many hatched?
Wait for it....
One.  One chick out of seven!  Said chick is the white little fluff in the center of this photo.  The other chicks are "friends" we felt we needed to purchase to keep Chicken company.  Chicken better be a she after all that trouble!
Whatever Chicken turns out to must admit, he's pretty cute!

 For months all of the rabbits have refused to breed due to the cooler temps and shorter days.  But we are very thankful for a litter that was born yesterday!  And all 7 or 8 kits appear to be alive and healthy.  Yay!  They are going to be pretty little ones...spotted just like mama.

 This little Finn ewe Thifi was sick a couple weeks ago.  It is amazing how ill a farmer can feel when any one of his animals is under the weather.  We are so thankful for all of the advice and help of so many people (including my sweet sisters who took a late-night call and shared some medical supplies with us!)  Thifi is feeling much better now, and we are praising the Lord for healing her!

Our herd of friendly blimps hoping for a second breakfast!

 I just love this one's cute little eyes :-)  This is Frances.

 Some handsome rabbit boys enjoying a rather balmy day on the farm!

 I have been very excited to start doing our own FEC's to monitor the animals' internal parasite population.  It has been fascinating learning experience!  Hopefully it will also be very useful in the department of diagnosing fruit and vegetable diseases during the growing season!