Thursday, September 18, 2014


 Don't you love them?  
More and more I am beginning to appreciate the seasons and the unique purpose of each one.  Fall is definitely in the air...some rain, some cool nights and mornings, orange pumpkins, and falling leaves.
Summer is such an incredibly busy time, with wonderful harvests, preserving, family gatherings, visitors, events, and so much more.  Although the cold wet rainy season has it's challenges, I think we are all looking a bit forward to having a somewhat slower paced autumn and winter!  Or at least, a change in the type of business we've all felt.  (Janet can say "good riddance" to the end of the weed season!) I am already looking forward to lambing time in Jan/'s going to be a doozey this year!   (I will explain later in this post LOL!)

 Hank says "Lookit what I picked for you mom, aren't you so proud of me?!"

 Red bunnies filling up the cage!  I am in the process of weaning them now.

Brielle LOVES her Aunt Kelley!

 Lillian and Rose got a shearing...Lilly might be lambing here in the next few weeks.

 Rose looks about half her size!  Sweet sheep :-)

 About a week ago I was extraordinarily blessed by a new friend.  Sherwin (from Mountain Lodge goat/dairy farm in Eatonville) GAVE me her 23 diary ewes and 2 rams.  She hopes some day that I will be able to get licensed to sell sheep milk to her for cheese making.  Her farm was pressed for enough pasture for the sheep and their 67 milking goats + their babies and bucks.  She knew I had a love and passion for sheep and decided that getting them onto nice pasture would be the best for her peace of mind and for the ewes.  An incredible blessing for me! 
 Most of the sheep have already shown themselves to be very endearing...they want lots of attention and scratches!  I picked out names for far my favorite friendly ewes are Eloise, Dorothy (the black faced one in the picture above) Evelyn, and Suzi.  The nine ewe lambs born last spring are very skittish, but they might come around after lambing and being handled some. 

Genesis 8:22
"As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease."


  1. Wow, those bunnies look so cute . . . and so tasty. :0P

    What a huge blessing that your new friend gave you that flock! Wow! You are like a full-fledged shepherdess now! :0D

    And hey, what's for dinner tonight? Just . . . curious. That's all. :0P

  2. Indeed, I do love the seasons God has made . . .particularly fall!!!! But each season does have something special and enjoyable!

    Love all your pictures! That first one of the sheep is AMAZING! Keep us posted on all the sheep/lamb activity! I can't wait to see your new additions!!

    Love you so much!

  3. That first picture looks like the one sheep is standing on the back(s) of other(s). I had to look twice to see, before deciding it was maybe a bale of hay. Haha!