Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Richie's Birthday

 A very special guy's birthday happened last weekend :-)
It just so happens that the annual Toledo Threshing Bee falls on that weekend, which is perfect since it is the event Richie looks most forward to out of the entire year!
So we did that Saturday, and had a BBQ gathering on Sunday afternoon.

(Thanks to the sweet miss Valerie Bowes for the awesome chocolate cake and frosting recipe!)

Rich and Sandy willingly shucked a nice bucket load of corn for the party.  
The horses were quality control.
 It was a very fun afternoon of storytelling! 

The wind was a bit high, so a couple of kind volunteers stepped up to the plate to ensure Richie could have the chance to blow out his candles :-)

 Jeff had quite the apatite...for dessert. :-)

Richie's best friends just had a baby a few weeks ago...we got to meet her for the first time.
She is a beautiful little blessing!

 What would a post be without a rabbit picture?
This is a nice doe that we will probably keep :-)

 Rosie's calf Handsome is doing great and growing fast! 
 The Dexters three!

First litter of broken Red New Zealands were born last week!
 We were so thankful for the rain a few weeks ago.  The sheep are enjoying lush pastures now!  It is the breeding season for them, so lush grass is essential for a few weeks.  As you can see, (especially from the looks of Rose in the bottom right corner) they're not suffering or nutritionally deficient in any way LOL. 

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  1. Ahhh . . . . . love all the great photos! Boy, that four layer chocolate cake looks totally awesome!!! Good job! And we know how very delicious your pies are! Love Jeff's plate! ; -) Looks like Rich and Sandy were doing a fabulous job with the corn shucking, as the horses kept a watchful eye on them! It is very fun to see sweet baby Natalie and all the lovin' she is getting! And sure enjoy all the beautiful photos of all God's creatures!! All the animals look very happy! ;-)

    Richie and all the party guests all look like they had a special, wonderful time!! We really missed being there with you all!!! So we're so glad you shared all the great photos of the day!

    Love you all!!!