Tuesday, July 29, 2014


After only 3 years of driving, I have unfortunately experienced the almost inevitable....hitting a deer on the road.  Nearby the place we live is a park where the deer tend to hang out on the road.  Fortunately I did see the deer ahead of time and was able to slow down a bit before hitting him.  He flew up on the windshield, so I was VERY thankful that he didn't come THROUGH the windshield!  
Although I did feel bad for the poor creature, I'm pretty sure we all secretly rejoiced in the fact that the world has been rid of one more "terrorist" as Richie calls them.   :-)
It was also a huge blessing that the airbag didn't go off.  You can actually see the little black square that is the air bag sensor to the right of the smashed grill area.  The full force of the deer hit right in that spot.  
Thank you Lord for your protecting hand during this incident! 


  1. That car survived a deer attack??? And took down a terrorist??? Good for it. I am bestowing the honorary title of "Beast Slayer" to the vehicle. :0P

    Oh, and I am really glad you were okay as well!!!! God is good! Love you!

  2. So thankful to the Lord for your safety. So many things could have happened in this situation . . . that didn't . . . and that would have endangered your well-being much more significantly. And so glad that the pizzas were unharmed! ;-) Good job!
    Love you so much,

  3. Oh my! Praise the Lord for protecting you!