Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gardner/Sympson Wedding!

 On Saturday we had the pleasure of attending a wedding for a dear friend and sister in the Lord.  
It was a truly beautiful and joy-filled afternoon!  We were blessed with perfect weather conditions, as you can see from the photos.  And the setting was gorgeous, as it was held on the farm where the Sympson family is currently living. 

 Mrs. Sympson did most of the decor' herself.  She was incredibly creative, just like my mom was for our wedding!

 The decorations fit Hannah and Garrett so perfectly.  They both have spent much time together training Hannah's 3 horses. 

 Richie and Asher having a man-to-man.

 These are the wedding cakes that the bride made FROM SCRATCH!  She is amazing!

 Inside the barn

 Sweet miss A, sister of the bride :-)

 "Speak now or forever hold your peace!" Garrett's shotgun goes "Chhh Chink!"
This was my favorite part of the wedding! 
 The happy couple shooting off their first arrow together.  Such a cute idea.  
They are both archery enthusiasts!
 First kiss!!!!

 The VERY happy couple!
 Saying hi to the horses!
My dear sweet Hannah may the Lord bless you two with MANY wonderful years together! Your wedding was so beautiful! You two are absolutely adorable and we are so encouraged by your story Love you dear friend and sister in Christ!!! The beginning of a great adventure! <3 :-)

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