Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fun with the Sibs ;-)

 On Mondays evenings Richie and I have had the pleasure of babysitting the youngest Bowes while the older set attends a class in Centralia.  Unfortunately, I haven't been real good about taking lots of pictures, but here are a few!

 These two can really put away the Gatorade and Mac-n-cheese! :-)

 And this one just wants to be held the whole time, which is quite alright with me!

One of the boys favorite activities is watching stuff crash, get blow up, and demolished on youtube.  The big one enjoys it as much as the little ones.  They also learn about operating cranes, dozers, and skid-steers.  Richie's idea of a fantastic educational session! :-)
 Love all my silly heads so much! :-)

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  1. Love it!!! And they are lovin' every minute of that time spent with you two!!! Lots of great fun for them, and peace of mind for us knowing they are in such good hands! Thanks for lovin' on them and making such special memories with them!!!
    Love you!