Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Farm Life

 Hello everyone!  
The weather here has been lovely, the weeds are growing, the bees are making honey, the berries are ripening, the young roosters are crowing, and Rosie had her calf on Monday!  That is, in short, the latest news from the farm.  :-)

This is my little Handsome! 

He was a very red/orange color when he was born.  We thought "Pumpkin" would be a good name for him.  But now I'm not so sure!  He's looking a lot more like his momma (Jersey) than his dad who was a registered red Dexter. 

 One of the latest new endeavors...sprouting and drying whole grains for flour.  It makes the flour come out more fine and more nutritious!  It is just great for pizza dough, pastries, and cake! 

 Yesterday this delightful young lady spent the day with me!  
She is an animal lover and a great cook! :-)  We had a great time doing the chores, cooking, and hanging out!

We canned 24 half pints of wild Thimbleberry jam together.  It turned out quite pretty and delicious!  Thimbleberries are very delicate and taste a lot like a very flavorful strawberry.  They are hard to come by, but this year we were blessed with an exceptional harvest!  

 This is how I spent the evening of July 4th...out with the sheepies making sure they were ok with the fireworks!
 Petunia says "Oh I am so flattered.  Love your PJ's!" 
 It's my fan club!

 They would be so happy if I sat in that chair and petted them all night!

 "Who, me?  Chewing on your chair?  Wasn't me, promise!" 

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  1. What a cute little calf your little guy is! He does look a lot like Rosie, but a little bit more red than her. Love his big round eyes!!

    I loved the pictures of you and your sheep too. So cute! You have quite the large and colorful herd now. :)

    Love you so much!