Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!!!

 Daddy taught me so much about life.  He has always been a hard worker...

But he also spent a lot of time playing and going on "adventures" with us.

 He and Mommy both took the time and incredible effort to train us kids to heed instruction and to love the Lord and eachother!

 And most importantly...he pounded engrained into our minds the catchy family slogan... 
..."Sharing time's a happy time!"
(You know, 'cuz that's important in a big family :-)


  1. Look, and there is the adventure hat! Those pictures make me want to be little again. :0)

  2. They make me want to be young again, too! I love you, Daddy!

  3. I put these comments on your Facebook page, but I'm going to repeat them here so your family can see them. I think I was still working with your daddy at the ACS when that first picture was taken. Those were good times.

    And you sure look like Victoria in that second picture! I never really noticed a resemblance between you two girls, but there it is! :)

    Happy Father's Day, Ted! (a day late)