Friday, June 6, 2014

Bales from Ailes

 Steve Ailes brought us his wonderful haylege bails this week!

The animals all gathered round expectantly as they bales were unloaded one by one.  

Whatsa' matter Lilly?  Can't you reach the rabbit's alfalfa pellets? 
She was pretty upset when I realized why that rabbit was going through her pellets so fast.

 Rose is growing and getting sweeter every day!  I am so thankful that after a series of events, the Lord allowed us to keep her on the farm rather than  sell her like the rest of our spring lambs.

 This is Ellie, who is the only girl out of Ollie and Ellen's litter.  I plan to keep her for breeding.  
Such a cutie!

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  1. *He tries not to think about marshmallows . . . but fails* "Hey look, giant marshmallows!!!" :0P

    Thanks for praying for me today, Lydia! The SAT went great!