Saturday, May 24, 2014

What's Going On Around Here

 The bunnies are growing!  These are EllenxOllie babies born 5/4/13  I know for sure that one of the broken (patchy) babies is a doe...I'll be keeping her!  It's hard to tell with the others, but it's looking like most of the litter is boys. 

 So much cuteness!

This is Ida's litter born 5/18/14...I am pretty sure there are 5 broken and 2 solid black kits.  
Time will tell!

 Happy little basil plants!
 Still working on getting all of our tubs filled with delicious veggies...

 Richie testing his new-old tractor!

He tried to lightly push out a stump without tearing up the lawn, but it wasn't going to work.  Ah well.  It was probably fun to run the thing anyway LOL

 The chicks are growing too...they get to go outside on nice days.
 I tried a corndog experiment last night.  You can get the recipe here.  :-)
It was actually a pretty fun evening...corn dogs and potato joes, followed by popcorn and a movie. (Note 3 out of 4 are food LOL)

Like my hand-made skewers?  Took me back to playing down in the woods with my favorite foursome and whittling at sticks with our pocket knives.  We'd then sell our "spoons" or "pencils" to each other in exchange for snail-shell money.  What fun!
 Don't laugh.  It still tastes the same.


  1. The baby rabbits are sooooooo cute!!!! We're excited to hear what name you come up with for the little doe you're keeping! The veggies are lookin' awesome! Good job! And Richie's new tractor will sure come in handy!!! What a great find!
    Indeed, those are great memories ya'll have from your days in our woods, making things and "selling" them. We were just talking about that too! See, homeschooling definitely taught you some very valuable skills! ;-)
    The boys are very excited about coming over for some of those corn dogs!!
    Love you soooo much!

  2. Awwww! Those baby bunnies are unbelievably CUTE!! I just want to squeeze one! I think it's time for another visit... :-)

    Love all the other pictures too! Your uh.... corn dogs look... fantastic! Love the handmade skewers too. :)