Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Busy Week

 The greenhouse has been so much fun...I'm loving how nice it is to work in when it is rainy outside!
Things are really growing now...so exciting!

 My little Sweet Pea :-)
 Baby bunnies!

 Aren't they cute?!

 At a baby shower for some friends!
 And a bridal shower for my cousin-in-law!

 On mother's day we were treated with a special visit from Susie...she grew up in the "big house" and sat on these very steps many times I am sure!


  1. Love the two new posts and all the awesome pictures! Thanks soooo much! The farm sure is abounding with new life!!! Love it! You've been such a busy farmwife, but know you're lovin' every bit of it. Well, except for maybe those . . . those . . . those . . . fat feathered things! (I noticed you didn't have any recent pictures of them. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing all of God's abundant blessings!
    Love you soooo much!

  2. Sweet Pea? I thought we had agreed to name that lamb The Bearded Wonder!!! :D

    Great pics, sis! Love you!