Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Is it just me, or does the world seem to spin just a bit faster here on the farm?
Days go by so quickly!  God continues to bless us exceedingly more than we deserve...the "sanctuary" that we get to call home is growing and blossoming and continuing to look more and more like a real working farm! 

 Along with that growth there is an abundance of various chores...morning chores, afternoon chores, and evening chores.  And all the ones that pop up in between.  I recently dried up two of my 3 milking ewes, and switched from machine back to hand-milking.  The freezers are stocked full of milk, and Petunia is giving us quite enough for daily cheese, yogurt, and milk to drink and cook with! 

We moved down the road to take care of the neighbor's place.  Another lawn to mow, a washer, dryer and bathroom all in the same house.  These are novelties, not necessarily needs.  What we had on the farm for 1 1/2 years was still more than what many people have had and do have today!  But it is convenient, and something I am thankful for in this busy season of life!    

 Our first Finnsheep were born on the farm last week...Eva proudly presents her two little girls  "Emmaline" (Emmy) and "Elsa!"

 The bees are doing wonderfully and have taken the opportunity to sting a few of us already.  I still have not convinced myself to like honey bees...I see them as simply a necessary evil that one must allow if one wishes to harvest fresh honey and pollinate one's orchard and garden.  :-) 

Richie constructed a mobile "Tractor" for the CornishX meat birds.  I move it every day to give the chickens new ground and bugs.

 It's a work of art!  He did such an excellent job...I am so blessed to have such a handy husband!

 Our Black Copper Marans stand out from the crowd of (ugly) meat chickens.

 Eat, poop. Lay in it.   Eat, poop. Lay in it.  Eat, poop.  Lay in it. 
Very appetizing.  I hope by the time they are in the freezer I will have forgotten how yucky they are!
If we think our chickens are sort of gross, (and they're out on pasture getting moved every day) it's hard to even imagine what the commercial meat chickens' living conditions must be like.  As Richie says, it makes a person not want to eat chicken at all!

There are a lot of things growing in the greenhouse and gardens right now, and there are some cute little baby rabbits in the hutches...hopefully I'll get some pictures and post them soon!
Blessings to you all friends and family!

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  1. LOL about the chickens! Can't wait to see the uglies for myself!!! ;0)

    Hope you ladies are enjoying your party, but get ready for the _real deal_ tomorrow!!!! (that is to say, make plenty of food!!!) :0P See you then, sis! Love you!