Thursday, April 3, 2014

What's GROWING on around here!

 Pansies seem to do grow well up here on the hill, even with the cool weather.  Of course, it ended up being really windy when I planted them today, so they're getting a harsh start to outdoor life.
 Lovely spinach and a just planted tub of lettuce!
 White Romaine
 Tiny little Basil
 Janet's strawberries are already flowering inside the greenhouse!
LOTS of onions!
Aloe Vera sure does multiply fast!  The four terracotta pots all came from the big plant in the back right corner.  They seem to like it here on my sink :-)
 Started some Mountain Rose and Yukon Gold  potatoes
 in these totes about a week ago.
New little Meyer Lemon tree from Kaija's in Chehalis
Well, Hank isn't growing, but he is learning some tricks!  
He's getting good at "lay down" and stay.  
He's such a good doggy...most of the time!
 Today I picked up some Black Copper Marans from my friend Audrey.  She hatches lots of chicks this time of year.  This breed lays beautiful, dark-chocolate eggs with thick shells.  The thick shells make the eggs excellent keepers.  Marans are great free-rangers on rough terrain, and they're know to be disease-resistant.


  1. Awhhhh, chicks! They look awesome! Love ya!

  2. Great pictures! Hank is so cute... :) Those chicks are really cute too!

    Everything that's green and growing looks great! Yay for spring!

    Love you!