Tuesday, March 25, 2014


 Things sure are getting green around here!
Especially in the greenhouse.  

These are onions...


 Lettuce!  (The middle tub gave us lettuce through the entire winter!)

 Last Saturday we worked on putting down wood chips behind the block wall.  It looks a lot better than the ripped up black ground cover that was exposed over the winter :-) 
 A pile of lambs!
 Delicious home grown salad!  Thank you Lord!


  1. Hey, the area behind the block wall looks awesome! I'll have to come see it for myself! Now, say, if I was to come up at around dinner time. . . :0P

  2. Wow, that green salad sure looks good and nutritious!!! Excellent job! And I agree with Kyle . . .the bark around your plants behind the retaining wall looks beautiful!! The pile of lambs is really adorable, and I know how much you enjoy such a sight!! Good job on ALL your farm projects!!
    Love you,