Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow Days

 I am trying to make a sourdough's been going a little over a week now, and seems to be doing well!  This is the first loaf I made with it about a week after I "started" the starter. 
 The bread rose beautifully, but didn't taste that "sour."  Probably just needs more time!

 These are some LOVELY cupcakes that my sister Valerie made for a Superbowl snack.  They have cookie dough inside.  YUM!!!!
 And a couple more Seahawks colored sweets that my sisters made. 


  1. Wow, awesomely beautiful!!! I love them all!!! But the one of Hank with Clara and Lola in the far background just really made me smile!!! He appears to be proudly coming back from having down his farm work!! And the sourdough picture is really cool!!! (and delicious!)

    Thanks for sharing your snow days on the farm! Love it!
    Love you,

    1. It's fun sharing our snow pictures, isn't it?! :-) We both live on a hill with so much beauty...snow or no snow...but especially with snow! :-)
      Love you too,

  2. Isn't snow awesome? :P


    1. If you had to slide down the hill in your rubber boots 2,3,4, or more times per day to de-frost 3 rabbit waters, feed a bunch of animals and carry 25 gallons of water uphill to the cow's waterer because it froze, fix a vehicle, deliver lambs, and live between 4 buildings you might have a different opinion on the snow. lol (kind of)
      It's fun to play in. Not that fun to work in. But, it makes good pictures and keeps things from drying out too badly in the fall. So, I'm still thankful for it!