Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Ram in the Fam :-)

 I've always had a weakness for spotted lambs :-)  That's why I kept a wether last year who really is good for nothing more than wool and companionship.
I feel very blessed to have acquired this little guy today.  I've wanted a spotted ram for a long time!  Thank you Lord!!!

 My very handy husband rigged up this bucket feeder so that I don't have to bottle feed mr. ram.  The Gregorys (who I bought him from) let me borrow the nipple dewhicky.  So kind of them!

 This way, hopefully, he won't become too friendly and get dangerous as he matures. 


  1. Oh, he is sooo cute!!! And so perfect for the spots you love! I'm glad that Richie made up the feeding bucket. I imagine it will be hard loving him more from a distance!! But it is all good!
    Indeed, thank you, Lord, for such a special blessing!
    Love you!

  2. Congrats Lydia! He is really neat! Love those spots. :) Here's for hoping he'll give you lots of spotted babies!