Sunday, February 9, 2014

More Snow!

About 4-5 inches of snow fell up here last night.  We had an interesting snowy slippery trip home from Chehalis last night, but we were very thankful that the truck didn't have any problem getting us home.   

Partially frozen Mayfield Lake.

 Richie braved the cold snow to change windshield wipers while in town yesterday.


 Smokey and Pronto

 Richie's firetruck

The greenhouse is shedding the 4-5 inches of snow very well!

 Lucy and Hank are having a great time playing in the snow!


  1. Wow Lydia!!! I can see a bunch more cards in the making with some of these pictures. :) I wish I was as talented as you are with taking pictures! I think my favorite in this group is the one with the barn in the background and the icicles on your house. So pretty and artistic!

    Love you lots,

  2. Aw, thank you Victoria! Well, all glory to God, he's given me a love for photography, a camera that's eager and good at taking pictures, and a farm that's stock full of props to photograph. :-)
    And, I might add, you ARE good at taking pictures...that's why you've been asked to to a tutorial/talk on how to take good pictures of your goats for websites and such!
    Love you too!!!