Monday, January 13, 2014's been a long time!

I have finally managed to scrape together a whole precious 30 minutes (actually more, including picture editing) for a blog post.  Given the busy last few days working on (angrily, grudgingly, sadly, tearfully,) filing my tax report on top of regular life I consider this quite an accomplishment. Now that I've finally written a post, I'll probably get on a kick and post every day. 

On second thought.....maybe not. :-)

  But in any-case, I do have a few pictures of  new (and not so new) critters who's care take up several hours of my day. I do feel incredibly blessed to have them!     

I'm excited to start adding some Finnish Landrace blood to my little flock.  This here is a tiny Finn ewe that I bought last week.  She's rather shy, but I just love her markings!


 Romulus showing off his nose

Lilly is due mid February.  Maybe twins from her this year?

 Poor Elsie...she's so ready to be done with this whole having lambs thing!  I'm guessing she's due mid/late February, but don't know for sure.  Maybe quads again???

 These are our new registered Dexters.  They're curious little critters that love alfalfa cubes! 
The cow with the halter is Clara.  She's 2 1/2 and due in June.  The other cow is Lola, and she's due somewhere between the end of January and mid February.  

Pedigreed New Zealand Rabbits that we picked up in December :-)  
They're adorably cute!  We'll start breeding them for meat and show/pets next month.
This is the buck...
 And the two females...who look exactly alike but have VERY distinct personalities!  One is very friendly and the other is very shy.

This here is a strange, rare breed of sheep called Reign-sh....
...just kidding :-)

 Petunia's wardrobe malfunction
 "What are you lookin' at?"

 I must say...very majestic looking with the white antlers, Roms.

 "Oh my goodness, you have something weird on your head!"
 Asking their shepherdess..."Why are you laughing?!"


  1. Great pictures, Lydia!! That last one had me laughing out loud! That's an awesome picture. :-) I love your rabbits and the new sheep is really cool!

    Love ya!

  2. WONDERFUL! I laughed out loud, too - your animals are precious. Thanks for sharing, Lydia!