Friday, January 17, 2014

Sheared Sheepies

Elsie, Petunia, and Lilly are relieved of about 7lb of wool each.  That counts for something when you're already carrying around a belly-full of lambs!  I was pleased to see how good they're looking underneath that wool...I think they've really benefited from the haylage and the long growing season last year.  They're pretty big already and not due for another month!  Way to go ladies!
 Lovely wool!  Petunia's is pretty much garbage, but Elsie and Lilly have such soft beautiful wool. 
 Here are a few pics of the dogs during their morning romp ;-)
 Nice Lucy, really nice.  Great way to ruin a cute picture. lol
 "Hey wait a minute, this isn't fair!"  Hank says.
 Taking a rest on higher ground.


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  2. The sheep are looking great! Nice work!

    Cute pictures of the dogs too. :D