Friday, January 24, 2014

Life on the Farm

It was such a LOVELY day today!!!  It's always much appreciated when the Lord blesses us with such a  warm sunny day in the middle of winter.      

Yes, we still have Christmas lights up.  In fact, they actually went up last week...way after Christmas.  It's cheaper to buy them now, and I just love the way they look in the kitchen! 

Thanks to old medicine cabinet with a broken-out mirror finds a new home as a functional spice cabinet! 

Notice the tomatoes in the candy candy in the house or I will eat IT ALL!!!

Barn crate gets re-purposed as a cookbook shelf.  Yay for cute organization!  Oh, and the antique cow tin milk bucket  is thanks to Uncle Darrell!  

 Elsie's looking lighter without all that wool!  Still, she probably has about a month to go before lambing.  Poor thing is probably carrying quads again. 
 My little farming buddy after being a pain...chasing the cows around for me.  Very helpful, Hank.    

The salad greens have made it (so far) in the unheated greenhouse!  I harvest enough for a small salad every few days.
 The lemon tree!

 Started lettuce and spinach in these tubs a few days ago.  What do you I jumping the gun?  It's spring, right? lol

 Petunias my sweet mommy brought me yesterday :-)

 Love this doggy!!!
 And little Eva too!

 Nice Lilly, really nice.

 I still haven't named these rabbits...I do call this one "friendly rabbit" because she's a lot more friendly than the other two.
Well, that's it for now folks!  Have a very blessed weekend!!!


  1. I am not sure if I expressed yesterday how much I loved how you decorated the kitchen, sis! It is so cool! It evokes a sense of a small caffe' in the middle of a '60's style town (whatever that means). It is so cozy and nice and awesome. I can definitely see the inner interior designer coming out. The farm theme is really cute, with all the cows and sheep! Did I mention how nice and cool and brilliant and awesome the place is? In fact, I think I might have to come see it again sometime soon--because it is so great and amazing and awesome, you understand. Now, if you were to have an extra steak or food of any sort laid out when I happened to drop by . . . What time did you say you usually eat dinner at? As I was saying, if I happened by during dinner hour, I would feel pretty weird just leaving your brilliant kitchen--it being so cool and radiant and awesome--so I would just have to stay. And if a steak or something was to come my way, who would I be to deny it?

    In all seriousness, I think your kitchen IS awesome, Lydia! You did such a great job of decorating it! Thank you for posting all the pictures. I love the picture of you and that little rascally Hank!

    Love you!

  2. Kyle you are SO FUNNY!!! Come by anytime for a steak :-) That's what we're having tomorrow...I think...but who knows what time dinner will be on a Saturday!
    Love you too!

  3. It sure was a super lovely January day yesterday!!! Thank you, Lord! Love, love, love all your photos!! So glad we got to see your cozy country kitchen in person on Thursday! Love the lights! They're so great for these winter days. And love all the cute, creative and functional ;-) décor. The refurbished medicine cabinet is so cool with the addition of the chicken wire! And really like the wooden crate for the cookbooks too! It's perfect! That's so awesome that you're finding things to use around the farm like that! Just love all your adorable country décor. : -) We sure enjoyed seeing Eva in person too. She is absolutely adorable!!! And it was great to see the inside of the greenhouse and all that you've started there. BTW, Victoria make a lemon icebox pie from the lemon you gave to us! And it was delicious! And it was good to see sweet Elsie and everybody else too. : ) As always, going to see you and your farm is such a blessing. As we were pulling away, we were all saying how fun it is to come and see you all!!!
    Sure do especially love the pictures with you in them! Thanks for posting them all!
    Love you and Richie soooo much!

    1. I am so glad you all came to visit! It was so very fun as always. And you brought me flowers!!! That was so sweet and thoughtful! :-)
      Love you,

  4. Your home is lovely, Lydia! You inspire me to repurpose - everything is so cute! Love you and your Mister...xxoo