Monday, January 27, 2014

God is good!

I do wish that farming always looked like this picture of Richie having a nice nap on a haylage bale in the sunshine.  Quite frankly...right now it looks more like using every ounce of your strength to stuff the insides of a prolapsed ewe back where they belong multiple times a day.  (You're so glad I mentioned this grueling detail, aye?) 
But every time things get difficult around here, I just remember that this is the "normal" life we so longed for last year during 500 hrs of chemo, surgery, and recovery in Seattle!
God is good, all the time!  

 Gotta love the mud ;-)

Cow feedin' time!

 Richie visiting with the cows

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  1. Awesome pictures! The one of Richie resting on the haylage bales makes me smile big and feel so happy for you two! : -) It does make me think about how incredibly good God is in everything. He has surely blessed you both with the desires of your heart; has shown Himself so faithful in carrying you through your season of intense trials; and has given you such an abundant, "wonderful life!" : -) We thank the Lord for how in your blessings and your trials, you are always praising Him, and blessing and comforting others!

    I'm praying for Elsie!! You're doing such a great job caring for her! I know it must seem exhausting at times, but keep it up! It won't be too much longer!

    Love you more than all the cattle on a thousand hills,