Monday, December 16, 2013

Tis the Season

It's been such a wonderful, busy few days, we've seen God's blessing in so many ways! 
 Friday and Saturday I did a couple of great Christmas at an assisted living home where I met some amazing people, and one big Bazaar (well, big for Lewis County lol) at Morton.   

On Sunday after church Richie and I took a road trip to Yelm to look at some rabbits.  We decided we didn't want the rabbits, but it wasn't a total waste of a we did find a Cold Stone Creamery on our way home! 

 We did a little Christmas shopping and then headed back to church for this...

 It was such a fun, exciting event, as usual!  So many people with so many amazing's a good thing I wasn't wearing socks or they would have been knocked off! :-)

 One special lady (who you see to the right of this pic) does a beautiful job decorating the church for every holiday and event.  She is such a blessing!

 Three beautiful young ladies I LOVE!  Do you recognize their dresses?
Their bridesmaids dresses! 
 Two cuties
 Sisters and best friends <3

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. What a wonderful post, Lydia! The pictures are great! So glad you both were able to enjoy a special treat at cold stone . . yum. :)
    Best friends we are indeed!
    Love you so much!

  2. Ooooooooh . . . love your photos!!! So glad to have the one of those four lovely, loving sisters. : -) Did Richie take that? Awesome!!!

    Yes, so glad you were able to enjoy your Cold Stone treat! Yum indeed!

    Sure have had a fun and delightful time visiting you at the craft shows. You sure have done a great job with everything. Sooooo very proud of you!

    Glad you got some pictures of Linda S.'s "talent" of decorating the church so nicely and faithfully . . for every special occasion. She really is amazing!! Isn't it awesome how the Lord gives each of us a special ability and passion for a certain part to fill as the Body of Christ? So cool!

    Now, go rest up for the next wave of fun Christmas festivities! Can't wait!
    Love you soooooo much,