Saturday, November 9, 2013

Today's Events

Valerie and I had a fun day today at the Salvation Army craft Bazaar in Centralia!  
I was so thankful to have Valerie there with me for company while I sold my products. 
 So sweet :-)

 These are my latest projects.  I had a wonderful time crocheting flowers and headbands while we sat there.  People seem to really love these!  There's definitely a "big flower" fad going on right now.  It's no wonder to me...they are SO cute.  Good thing I have a baby sister to dress would be no fun without her!

 Lots of fun colors and combinations!  You can change the flower to match every outfit.  
How cool is that!
As Grandpa says "Preeeety nifty!"


  1. AHEM! What about the visit from your (favorite) brother?????!!!!!!!!! That wasn't special enough to put on the blog? -_-

    Oh, wait, I practically live at your house, or more accurately at your kitchen, so my visit was nothing unique. :0)

    In any case, I must admit that those flowery thingies are pretty awesome . . .

  2. What a great idea to be able to change the flower headbands with the buttons! I've never thought of that before! ~Shiloh

    1. Yes, It's pretty neat isn't it Shiloh! A lady at the last home-school conference gave one of these headbands to Brielle, and that's what gave me the idea. You just never know what you're going to learn at the conferences! :-)