Thursday, October 10, 2013

Some good food and snacks :-)

This is my 3rd batch of sauerkraut this year.  Yes, we had a great cabbage harvest!!!
I never liked sauerkraut, until I tried the homemade stuff.  It's SO much better...and much much healthier, especially if you eat it fresh before it is canned at high temps.
All you do is shred the cabbage, and add 4 tsp of salt for every 2 lbs of cabbage, crush it up for several minutes until it is very juicy, and pack it tightly into these jars.  
The funny looking dohickies on the tops are airlocks.  They let the gas escape without letting air in.  Richie found that he could make them much cheaper than you can buy them online by drilling holes in the tops of these wide mouth plastic storage lids.  He then put in rubber grommets and airlocks that he bought at the local brewery store inexpensively. Each airlock cost a little over $1, and the grommets were around $.30 I think.  You can buy the plastic lids at just about any store that has canning stuff.  They run about $8.00 per pack of 8. 
 Hank warming up in the wheelbarrow yesterday.  Pretty good camo, isn't it?! 
 This honey granola is one of my favorite things in life :-) 
It is so simple to make, and is delicious on yogurt and in trail mix!  

Here's my very secret recipe:  :-)
2 C. Oatmeal
 1/4 C brown sugar
5 TB flaxseeds
1tsp cinnamon
1/2 C. Honey
3 TB Olive or Coconut Oil
1 tsp vanilla
Mix dry and wet ingredients separately, and then mix them together.  Bake for 20 minutes at 350, stirring the oatmeal around every now and then to ensure even toasting.  Keep in mind that it will harden up quite a bit after it cools.       

 Homemade trail mix! 

I don't know what I would do without the vacuum-sealer that Richie bought.  It does such a nice job compacting things and keeping them fresh.     

Another thing I did yesterday was pop some pop corn.  It is a super tasty and healthy snack when it isn't drenched in artificial butter or cheese.  I didn't know that popcorn was not just a fattening junk food until my sweet momther-in-law told me so!
To make popcorn, you don't even have to have one of those fancy stove-top poppers that cost so much to buy new.  I just used a heavy deep pan with a lid. Melt 1/8 inch of coconut oil in the bottom of your pan over medium-high heat.  Add one layer of popcorn, put on the lid, and shake often until all of the popcorn is popped.  Then just add salt and enjoy!

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  1. Oh boy, is the family lovin' your fresh sauerkraut!! And I'm lovin' your homemade trail mix!!! And the popcorn was delicious on Sunday!!! Thanks so much for treating us to such yummy things!

    Love the picture of Hank!
    Love you!