Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Finally!!!!! A New Post!!!!!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted, yet again :-)
It has been an extremely busy time, plus a crashing laptop made it really hard to motivate myself to post.  Plus, I really haven't taken that many pictures lately...except that most of my card was filled up with pictures of my ADORABLE little sister.  Sadly, rules and regulations keep us from posting and sharing her adorableness with the world until she is 100% adopted.  So looking forward to that time! 

 I finally did get my new laptop, and with that, I am now able to use Photoshop!  Yay!

Brownie and Ginger give us lots of laughs.  If I stop petting one of them for just a second, they paw at me.

 For some reason I noticed I didn't have any recent good pictures of Muffin.  So, we had to fix that!
 This is Richie's 1# favorite thing to do. 
 He disked up a big plot behind the barn for planting grain or whatever else we decide to plant!
 This is what happens if you squat down to pet the get all but buried! 
 Home-ground flour cookies!

The sunset illuminated these fall trees so beautifully one evening. 
Wishing all of you readers a very blessed Wednesday!


  1. Yay! Love your posts and pictures!!!! So glad you have a new computer!!! : -) That first picture of Brownie and Ginger really makes me smile! They just seem to be giving you their best "aren't-we-cute-we-didn't-do-it" look! And Muffin is looking just really sweet. And love seeing Richie doing his favorite thing! Wish I could reach those cute and yummy looking cookies right now, as Brielle and I sit in this Seattle Children's Hospital waiting room. Sure nice to have that beautiful fall photo to look at!!! : -) So gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all those awesome photos!
    Wish we could post pics of Brielle too. She sure is lookin' cute in her pig tails and piggy paint! : -)
    Love you so much,