Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Happy October everyone!
Time just flies, doesn't it?
I am sorry for my apparent absence in the world of blogger and other electronically-enabled communications.  My laptop is still in the early stages of diagnosis for a very annoying "crash" that was constantly happening about every 5 minutes.  This has been going on for awhile, thus I haven't been able to do much on the internet (except when I have access to Richie's laptop while he's at work. :-)

So, that plus the usual seasonal business around the farm...preparing for the bad weather that has already suddenly struck us, getting our dairy cow Rosie bred, and preparing to sell soap at craft shows, drying and freezing fruits, veggies, and jerky has kept me off the internet for the most part.  Which is kind of nice, really :-)

The power was out for part of the night and half the day yesterday, so we got to see just how prepared we were to handle life without electricity.  Hmmm...think we need to work on it some more!  After all, with as dark as it is during the fall/winter/spring months, it's good to have a few lanterns that don't catch on fire.
   In the short-term, (when we are expecting the power to come back on soon) it's nice to have ways to wash dishes and warm up food without firing up the generators.  I am really loving propane appliances. :-)

  Well, I can't figure out how to compress my photos with Richie's computer, so that will keep me from posting anything for awhile.  Hopefully we'll find out SOON whether I need to buy a new laptop or if the computer guys can fix my old one (relatively) inexpensively.

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  1. Woo hoo! Happy October to you! It sure was fun having you here today, and with pumpkin pie latte in hand! : -) And I am so thrilled about the pumpkins you helped me put on our blog! Love it! Thank you so much!!!

    Good job with being so resourceful with the power outage! Glad you have some propane and battery options! This has definitely been a good, early drill to get us ready for the upcoming storm season!

    Sure hope your computer can be fixed and that you can get it back soon! I miss your writing/pictures/thoughts/updates when you're not able to post here! :-)

    Love you!