Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

We had a very wonderful Labor Day weekend!  Quite a few family members came down to visit and camp.  It was such a relaxing few days, full of fun and food! :-)
 Lucy is on the lookout for anything that might happen to fall off a plate.
 Sandy took a few good naps.

 It was fun watching all of the dogs and their antics.  There were several dogs visiting besides the 3 that we have here on the farm.  Hank did great socializing with everyone!

Richie, me, Janet, Rich (who's head is blocked!) Uncle Harold, Aunt Mary, Jaelyn, Todd, Kristy, Jeff and Jodi :-)
 Card games by light of the lantern! 
 Richie practicing!  He sure did a lot better than I did...but hey, it was my first time ever shooting a handgun! 
 I took this picture tonight!  What a beautiful sunset we were blessed to enjoy! 

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  1. Super pictures of a great weekend! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time with awesome company, lots of good food, and such a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere! The dogs sure look like they enjoyed themselves as well! Thanks for sharing the pictures!
    Love you!