Sunday, August 25, 2013

Richie's Birthday!

Richie had a wonderful birthday weekend!  
On Thursday there was a big party thrown at the Bowes was such a FUN time!  

Then, on Saturday and Sunday he got to spend the entire day at one of his favorite events...the Toledo Threshing Bee and flea market!  In his own words "what could be better than a bunch of junk surrounded by tractors?"

I sure do love this guy :-)
We were so happy that Ron stopped by to visit!

The threshers hard at work!  This is such a neat thing to see!

Richie visited with lots of people, as is the norm. :-)

We got to see some friends get accidentally soaked by a big truck that was supposed to be wetting down the tractor-pull ground.  At least it wasn't a very cold day...and really, they don't look that worse for the wear... lol
Rich picked up  Uncle Darrell and brought him to the Threshing Bee so he could see the tractor pulls and sample an ear of corn :)
 It sure was good! 
 Yep, he's one happy guy!!!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the pictures of Richie's birthday weekend! They are all super awesome! Looks like Richie had a great time on his actual birthday out at the Threshing Bee and visiting with family, good friends and strangers alike! : -) I can just imagine how much fun it all was for him! How did your HHF booth go? Thanks so much for sharing all the photos!
    Love you!

  2. Thank you for posting photos of Richie's big day. It's such a joy to see that wonderful smile of his! And a bonus to see dear Uncle Darrell, too. You are so sweet, dear Lydia, so sweet.