Monday, August 5, 2013

Fun Times!

 We were so blessed to have Grammie and Papa from AZ come to visit us last week!  It was nice weather for all of the days that they were here. 
Sweet sister Car'line keeping Bendabin from getting splashed by the water.
Daddy never did get this group thrown off of the tube. 
 Joe, with his missing tooth!
 "Fishing pole Daddy?  Fishing pole?"
Two life vests and a beach towel over that.  Pretty cozy kid I'd say!
Papa and Richie conversing
This was just a candid shot.  
I didn't tell them to make the funniest faces they could before I snapped this picture believe it or not :-)

What is Richie doing???
There used to be one lone tansy growing on the bank of the Ike Kinswa park...I told him it was bothering me to look at it.  
He said...OK
And promptly walked over there to pull that nasty awful weed up.
What an awesome husband I have!!! :-)

Joe trying for a fish or two
  Last Monday we were blessed to have Grammie and Papa come to visit the Tevis place.  The whole family came for dinner, and as usual, we had such a great time hearing and telling funny stories!  Isn't Papa's hat great?!
Hanky boy loves his crate :-)

Janet gave me this bandana for him.  He looks good in it, doesn't he?

And then there's Lucy...
These are her irresistible eyes. 
"Throw the ball for me pleeeeeeese????" 

"You see that bag of food and my bowl right there....yep right there....feed me????  Pleeeeese??  It don't get any cuter than this, right mom?!  You have to feed me now!" 
One of our millions of little pets...can you spot him?

On Thursday Tacoma Power had a tour at the Mayfield dam.  It was awesome!  I had a great time seeing and talking with some of Richie's friends.  (Richie works at the dams, for those who don't know:-)
Kyle, Valerie, and all of the little boys and Mommy and Brielle all came.  
 Free cupcakes!
Inside the powerhouse there are lots of controls...this one panel is controlled almost entirely from headquarters in Tacoma.

Who's out there on the dam controlling that giant crane????

This weekend was the Blueberry Festival!  We set up our booth for Friday and Saturday. I am so thankful for the beautiful weather we had both days.  The business wasn't particularly good this year because of some changes made in the way the Festival was set up.  

 We did get to see and visit with some people we knew, and eat some delicious extremely unhealthy garlic fries though!!!!

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  1. Love the pictures! Thanks for posting them all! Hank looks very nice in his red bandana! It suits him perfectly! And especially love the candid shot of Timmy, Daddy and Papa on the boat with their silly faces! Made us chuckle! Also love the pictures of the dam and Richie in the crane. Those are awesome! Oh, and then the one of Benjamin talking to Daddy about his fishing pole just melted my heart. :-) So sweet!! Love the picture of one of your million pets hard at work, and the flowers in front of the barn are really beautiful!!!

    Thanks so much!!!!
    Love you,