Monday, August 12, 2013


 Today was a canning day!  I made an all-time personal record for number of jars processed :-)  The day started at 5:30 with peeling many pounds of carrots, and ended at 6pm when the last batch of potatoes came out of the pressure canner. 

87 Jars canned today!  
Bread and Butter pickles, dill pickles, whole pickles, dilly carrots, dilly beans, plain green beans, and potatoes!
Potatoes keep very well down in the basement of the barn, but I am excited to try them canned, because you have an instant side dish with these canned potatoes.  I think they'll be handy to have!

 I found this fella in the bag of carrots.  He looked so much like a bird or something that I couldn't bring myself to peel and process.  I had to at least get a picture of him.
He would have really looked funny with his greens still attached!

Today I tried a recipe for home-made ranch dressing with the home-made mayo I've been making.  It called for fresh dill, and boy, do we have a lot of that right now!  Anyhow, this recipe was pretty good! 

Dinner!  I'm always so glad when corn is in season!

The banana has been  working the tractor in the yard for a week now...we'll see what project he decides to tackle next! :-)

 On Saturday we had a very fun time at Matthew and Allison's place for a BBQ!  
These are all such great people :-)

My handsome man :-)
Hoover was the dish-dooer. 

Allison was the picture-taker

There were fun games...

 Bleeding Mosquito bites...
 Bikes with an engine that starts after a certain amount of pedaling...
And an awesome old car!

Oh, and the guy in this picture (not my guy, the other one) makes a terrible jalapeno popper dip.  
It was so good it was hard to stop eating! 


  1. Ha ha! That banana is so funny! I need to make my way up to the Tevis farm sometime soon!

  2. Wow, makes me tired just reading about all you did yesterday! ;-) Can't believe you were still going at 10pm!!! 87 jars! What a beautiful sight they are! Oh, it must feel so good at the end of the day! And such a great variety of canned things! Good job! I think the banana needs to help you in the kitchen next!;-)
    Looks like a great time at Matthew and Allison's!!
    Love you,