Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life!

 About a week ago two of my little brothers came to spend the day and the night with us!
We had such a great time!  I regret that I did not thoroughly photograph the day...a good excuse to have them stay again soon!
                                             They ground a WHOLE bowl full of flour!

They slept soundly from about 10pm to 7am out in the tent in front of our cabin.  

 Richie worked some very long days while borrowing the excavator from a friend.  He dug lots of ditches, put in lots of piping!

He pulled up enormous stumps and buried them in an enormous pit!

He had to cut of some pieces to make them all fit well in the pit.  
Cinnabar moths helping us eradicate the awful tansy ragwort.  

That excavator has a way of changing the landscape drastically in just a few minutes!

 Yesterday Richie came home with this in the back of his pickup. 
What in the WORLD?!!!!
It's a banana with an afro, of course.
Well, it's a long story.  I'll tell you about it below, if you are dying to know.
Richie teases around with the guys at work about being "Utility Workers" for Tacoma Power.  They're all very talented and smart guys, but because of their job titles they can't do a lot of the things that they're good at.  Well, they started calling themselves (utility workers)  "knuckle dragers."  See where this is going?

I send Richie off with a banana in his lunch pretty much every day.  He's crazy about them.  Now he's even more crazy about them because he calls himself a knuckle dragger.

Well, yesterday Richie went to get in his truck to come home, and guess what was strapped in the back of his pickup.  Yep.  A giant banana with an afro.

Thanks Jeff and Rick.

Now I have to find a good place to put a giant banana with an afro. 

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  1. Indeed, it IS a wonderful life!!! The boys sure had a fun time with you, and will cherish the memories made on your farm forever. . . even without pictures of everything you did!
    : -)

    Sure am glad ya'll have the excavator to borrow! Such a blessing to get all those projects done! Richie has been busy!!! All lookin' good!

    That is too funny about the banana in the back of Richie's truck!! I imagine he got lots of chuckles . . .or strange stares . . . on the way home! : -)

    Glad the little caterpillars are being helpful with the tansy!! Would you still like a tansy flower cutting party?

    Love you all!