Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy July!

Hard to believe it is July already!  We have had a very blessed and busy June/July so far, hence, very little blogging has been accomplished lately.  Sorry 'bout that!

Richie fixed up the L A John Deere tractor that you see in the picture below, and Rich made the trailer that I am riding in!  We take it down to the neighbors and around the farm for fun.  It will be very useful for hauling chips and other things!

I love these people.  They do so much to help us out around here...this day they came to help us move a costco tent to another spot on the farm.  We took them back home in my new (old) little Tracer Wagon.  They fit like sardines in a can!  

On the 3rd we went to the Bowes' to enjoy fireworks, fun, and lots of fantastic food!  

The boys enjoyed setting their tanks on fire to make the ordinary firework show a little more dramatic.

The audience waiting for the fireworks to begin!
The garden is doing amazing this year!  The weather has been just perfect for it!

On the 4th, we had a very good time visiting with all of the aunts and uncles who made it down for a BBQ.

The master BBQ'er and food preparer hard at work

Lucy, keeping her eyes peeled for accidentally dropped scraps and un-attended food, all while looking cute, innocent, and calm :-)

Such a handsome boy!

Richie's been working so hard on the greenhouse!  He is borrowing a friend's excavator to do several projects around the place.  He finished all of the dirt work around the greenhouse last night.  It looks so good, doesn't it???!
Richie took me up on the hill last night to see another neat view of the farm.  

Rosie is such a good cow!
Did I hear you say "lamb chops!"

Getting lots of soap ready for the Blueberry Festival in Mossyrock that is coming up on the first weekend in August.  

Yesterday my sweet sister Valerie and Mommy helped me make around 100 photo cards to sell.  Woo hoo for lots of progress!!!

Richie, with his favorite stainless steel cup :-)
 Hank, with a delicious looking bone!

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  1. Oh, thanks for all the great photos and updates!It is so fun to see everything! Wow, the dirt work does look amazing! Richie has done an awesome job! And I'm glad he enjoys it so much! And I imagine he's thrilled about having the John Deere tractor fixed up! The trailer is super neat too! That is so cool that you have that helpful new combo now for fun and farm work.

    Love the picture of the quads in the back of your car! : -) Good to know that is a possibility when needed!

    So happy to hear about ya'll taking time to go enjoy the new, pretty view of the farm. That is really good to savor those special moments and rest a bit after all your hard work! I enjoyed seeing the new view of the summer kitchen!

    Enjoyed the pictures of the 3rd-4th of July get-togethers! We sure had a great time with you over here! And looks like a fun and relaxing time at your place! I bet Janet's BBQ was amazing!!

    And as always, love the pictures and captions of the animals!! You seem to know just what they are thinking and "saying!"

    Sure enjoyed making the cards with you and Valerie on Friday. That was a lot of fun!!! Would love to do it again!

    Thanks again for posting everything! LOVE IT!!
    Love you,