Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bountiful Harvest!

It's only July, and we're already harvesting lots of yellow Cherokee Wax beans, zucchini, and of course, lots and lots of peas!
 The raspberries are doing excellent, as usual!  Janet does such a great job keeping them weeded and well-cared for.  These are some that I picked today.   

 Coconut oil Stir-fry with beans, zucchini, a couple of peppers, and onions! 

These blueberries are like little gold nuggets.  We don't have a LOT this year, but after a few years we should be getting quite a bit from all of the bushes we've planted lately. 

And of course, a couple pictures of Hank, just for good measure :-)

This is what Richie does for fun.  
Pressure washing the barn! 
We're hoping to get a new coat of paint on the front in the very near future.  


  1. Ah, Hank is sooooo cute, and very photogenic! : -) He sure looks like a happy pooch! What a great home and loving master he has! Can't believe your harvest already! Love it! That is soooo awesome!! I know how rewarding it is for you after all your hard work in the garden!!! And I know Richie's lovin' it too! Good job!!!

    And the last picture . . . .well . . . I'm not looking! ; -)

    Love you!

  2. Wow, Richie finds interesting ways to spend his leisure time. :0) I love Hank!

    And I love you! :0)

    See ya today,


  3. Ooh, pressure washing on top of a ladder! Eek! I did some at camp, and I thought it was kind of fun, but hard enough on ground level! :-) That's very impressive!