Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Does anyone in the Mossyrock area...

...know someone who is missing their very shy neutered Australian Cattle dog?
"Puppy" has been hanging around our place for a couple of days.  I've spent a lot of time with him, throwing bread crumbs and dog food and Rosie's grain (pretty much whatever I had on hand at the time) to him.  He enjoys lapping up extra of Rosie's milk in the morning and evenings.  
He finally got to the point where he would cautiously eat out of my hand, and follow me into the buildings.  I decided to catch him today, thinking that being in captivity rather than running wherever he pleases may cause him to get used to us and the other dogs more easily.  
He's a cute, sweet little fella, just very scared.  He has no collar or tags, but looks very healthy.  He could have been dumped up here, or lost.   
"Puppy" may become a permanent resident, if we don't find his owner. :-)


  1. Have you checked to see if he is chipped? Timberland vet has a scanner and Im sure they would do it free of charge.

  2. No, we haven't checked that yet...thanks for the tip on Timberland...I thought maybe they did micro chips, but wasn't sure. It seems like he's been running loose for about a month, so we're wondering if some RVers lost him. Hopefully he does have a chip in that case!

  3. Can't wait to see him and YOU today!
    Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you!