Friday, June 28, 2013


 Hank the cowdog is a part of the family now.  He's still shy of strangers, but he's become my baby :-)
He loves Sandy and Lucy now, and plays with them all the time!

He's such a good dog, and has helped me quite a bit with the sheep already.  With a little training, he's going to be a great herd dog and cattle dog!

 The garden has been growing like nuts!  We have been harvesting lettuce for a few weeks's so wonderful! 

The wood chips have done such a great job keeping the weeds out.  I haven't had to weed much at all, and when I do, they pull right up!

This is a little bonus patch of corn that I planted this year where a pile of chips from the PUD was dropped.

Field corn and green beans in the middle, dill on the left, and zucchini on the far right.  The big plants in the back are rhubarb.  

Tomatoes and peppers

Out visiting the sheep, with Hank guarding the fence lines :-)   He helps me get them back into the fence when they decide to break free!

This is an old plum tree that is FULL of fruit.  All of the plum trees are loaded this year. 

Today we had a wonderful group of Tansy pullers come and help us clear the field below the sheep of the awful stuff.  That was an enormous blessing, as the terrible weeds are just about to bloom.  My whole family, (except for Kyle and Daddy who were both at work)  plus my aunt and cousins worked for hours in the hot sun.  Thank you all SO VERY MUCH!


  1. Oh, Lydia, thanks for posting. I so enjoy reading about the farm and your wonderful garden. Hank is such a cute dog! A great addition to the you all!

  2. Oh, I am SO sorry I missed the tansy pulling party. What a bummer! ;0)

  3. Hello Sweet Lydia,Just 24 more days and we will be there! Will we be able to have a homemade rhubarb pie? Love you so much!!! Grammie and Papa