Thursday, May 23, 2013


I titled this post RAIN...because that's pretty much what's been happening around here for the last few days.  I don't think it's stopped for 2 minutes since Monday.  It doesn't make a farmer's life easy, let's just say that. :-)

Today my project was to put up this fence to protect these baby apple trees from terrorists (i.e. sheeps and deers lol)  It was kind of fun, except for the fact that I just about ran out of dry coats to wear!  Maybe I should have bought one of those umbrella hats.  Ya.  That would've worked. 

Petunia...looking very unimpressed.  
"You mean we don't get to eat those trees anymore?  You people."

Muffin looks sort of like a cat after a bath.  The sheep have really had a good soaking lately.

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  1. Wow, that fence looks awesome! Good job! But the sheep look way too sweet and innocent to ever even THINK about eating those baby apple trees! They wouldn't do such a thing! Surely it is the deer that are the bad guys! : -) Give those sweet sheep some lovin' from me. :-)

    Love you!