Thursday, May 2, 2013

Good News! 5-1-13

Yesterday we were anxious as we prepared ourselves for what the doctors might tell us.  Just thinking about the possibility of having to go though chemo again made Richie dry heave all morning.  It was awful.  We tried not to worry, we knew that God is in complete control of Richie's health.  In the blink of an eye He could change the tumor markers to normal.  That would be no big deal for God.  We know that!  Why do our minds always jump to the worst case scenario?  I guess it's because we are constantly in a state of sanctification and will never quite rid ourselves of the chronic case of fear and distrust.  But, we are learning, and God is tenderly leading our sinful selves in the path of righteousness.
The doctors told Richie that he couldn't be doing any better, and that his tumor markers were trending down, which is a very good thing and would not happen unless the elevated number was something other than cancer.  The number was down to 6, which is good.  They don't have to see Richie again until July.  Hallelujah!  We were absolutely ecstatic leaving the office yesterday.  "When are we going to learn?" I asked Richie.  When are we going to learn not to waste an entire morning agonizing over what could happen? 
Thank you so much for all of your prayers everyone...we continue to be humbled and encouraged by the love and care from each of you.  God bless!

 Isaiah 52:10 Jesus is God's holy arm.  He is the arm of strength...fully extended, clothed in majesty, stretched forth to heal, mighty to protect, gentle to uphold, covering you with mercies, embracing you in grace, holding you firmly with love." 


  1. Oh, how we praise the Lord!!! Tears of joy flowed when we heard the good news yesterday, and again today as we read your eloquent, heartfelt post. Thanks so much for sharing all that our Lord is doing in your lives. He is so good, and so faithful, and so loving. We continue to praise Him and REJOICE with you!!!!
    We love you both soooo much!

  2. Wonderful news! So happy for you and Richie. You have been in my prayers.

  3. Oh Lydia, so very happy to hear the wonderful news!! I have been on your blog several times recently, and am always thankful when you share an update on Richie's health. Will still be in pray for continued health and wholeness for him.

    It was fun to hear from you earlier today :) Funny, I was just thinking about you yesterday, and remembering some of our emails last year :)

    Yes, we plan to distribute the DVD through as many venues as possible....we have much research to do to discover the best ways to make the DVD available, and of course we want to hear very clearly from the Lord on what His will is in this area. Ideally, we would like to see the DVD carried in homeschool Christian companies, but who knows! :) We'll see what the Lord does!

    Do you mind me asking the name of the Bible sing along DVD's that Benjamin enjoys watching?

    Thanks again for your comment today - fun to hear from you!

    With love,
    Smile! :)
    In His presence is FULLNESS of joy....

  4. The news is so fantastic!!! There had been little sleep here on Monday and Tuesday nights just waiting for Wednesday's appt. to come. We are totally rejoicing with you - it was so fun to share at youth group tonight the WONDERFUL news and answers to so many peoples prayers over you both. Sunny days are great and bring a lightness and happiness but nothing compares to the blessing of health you've been given and how light hearted we feel today thanking our great God for the healing touch on you. WHAT A GREAT DAY TODAY!! ♥ R&B