Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Busy Days!!!!

 These last few days have been extremely busy ones for me!  
If you have been following my sweet mother's wonderful blog, you will see that the family is on a cross-country trip to the East Coast.  They're having a great time!  I am taking care of all of their critters and mowing while they are gone.  It's a big job, but I am enjoying it!

I have most of the garden planted now.  The weather has been ideal to get the garden started early.  Thank you Lord!

 The lambs are getting a little hard to lift now.  They sure are sweet though :-)
I had fun with the colors in this photo


Sandy was watching me in the garden

This was a beautiful sunset that we had a few nights ago.  I loved the way the barn looked that night.

Now that I have a new web browser, I'm finally able to post pictures again.  I've been struggling with it for several weeks, and finally did what Richie recommended...switch from google to firefox.  I'm a happy blogger now!


  1. Might want to check your title; I think you meant to write the word "busy". It happens to the best of us! :0)

    I don't know if you have heard yet our not, but we are currently at an amusement park called Cedar Point! Mommy and Daddy surprised us! They have some of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world. Can't wait to ride them tomorrow!

  2. Hey thanks for being my auto spell check Kyle :-) I guess I wasn't even paying attention when I put in my title...I was busy lol :-)

    Boy, I bet you guys are going to have a tone of fun tomorrow!!! I bet it will remind you of 6 flags. Happy memories!
    Love you,

  3. Yay! Soooo glad you can post pictures again! I enjoy them so much, and also your updates of what all you're up! You are a very busy bee! Good job for getting the garden in! I can imagine how good that feels! And how fun it is to watch it all grow! The lambs sure are cute! It makes me happy knowing how much you're enjoying them! The barn photo is really beautiful. That's so great that you take time to capture those special moments on the farm!!

    Thanks so much for posting again! We'll be tuning in for the next one! : -)
    Love you so much,