Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Animals and More :-)

I think the dogs are really beginning to miss their real mom!
"Valerie please come back to me!" Riley says.

This is what Snowberry thought when I walked through the door instead of Valerie
 "You didn't leave me for good, did you?!"

"Hi Valerie, I'm hungry." Blackberry says.

"Please, oh please, oh please come back for me Victoria and Caroline!  She locks me up in a cage!"
 "We love you, bring us food!"  Say Annie and Ellie.

Maya says "Hiya!"

Planted my cucumbers in water troughs this year.  I hope they do well!

Mommy, one of your roses bloomed!

And here's your pets, happily sucking away

"Don't forget about us, girls!  Bring us back lots of good things to eat!"

"Who are you?"  That's what she said to me. :-)

"Who cares who she is as long as she shovels over the grub."

 In unison "Ditto that big mama!"


  1. Awwww, thanks sooooo much for the pictures of all the pets back home. And the rose!! It is beautiful! I was so thrilled to see it and my very happy hummingbirds! THANK YOU soooo much for taking such great care of everything and everyone!!You're doing such a fabulous job with it all!! It sure was fun to see everything!

    Your potatoes are looking good! And I think your cucumbers will be very happy too! :-)

    Thanks again so much for all the great care of everything and for the awesome pictures!

    Love you soooo much!

  2. Aww! Thanks so much for the pictures and the laughs this morning, Lydia! I love it! It looks like they are all doing just great....except for missing us. :) Have you had any trouble with "Mean Goat?" That one picture of Nala is really cute!

    Thanks so much for taking such great care of all the animals for us! We are SOOOO grateful!

    Your potatoes are looking great. I love looking at pictures of your garden... it is always so neat and orderly. Wow, looks like you will have lots of happy cucumbers soon, too!! :)

    I love you and miss you! Thanks again for the pictures! It made my day!


  3. Good Morning, Lydia!!!

    Thanks so much for this awesome post and the pictures! All your captions for the pictures are perfect. They made us giggle. ☺ I was so happy to see my doggies faces . . . . I miss them all! :) Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of them. (I was telling Mommy yesterday that I have not worried about them knowing that you are taking awesome care of them.) They all look happy and healthy!

    Your garden sure is looking nice! I am so excited to see new pictures as it continues to grow. What a wonderful time of the year. :)

    I miss you all so much and love you! Thank you again :)
    Have a wonderful day! ☺

  4. Hey, Sis! Awesome post! I love your captions. :0)

    Now you just have to learn my names for the dogs!

    Riley- chubby boy
    Nola- sweet dog
    Blackberry- whackyberry
    Snowberry- whacky Jr.
    Annie and Ellie- pooch 1 and pooch 2
    Maya- overly sweet dog

    Got all that? I won't belabor you with the goats' names. :0)


  5. What a busy bee you are, taking care of two farms, all those animals, and getting your garden going, too! Wow, I continue to be so impressed with your energy and ambition. I'm sure your travelin' family is very grateful to have you nearby to take care of things while they are out having some well deserved fun.

  6. Hi again! Just sitting here thanking God for sweet you! : -)
    I love you so much,