Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I hope that you all had a great Memorial Day weekend!
We spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday evening  feasting with friends and family on oysters, ribs, hamburgers, home-made onion rings, and many salads and appetizers too!

There was a beautiful full rainbow last evening while I was milking down at the barn...I left Rosie and ran up to grab my the time I got back, it was mostly gone :-(  

 Me and Brownie down by the barn :-)

Lilly was one of the first sheep to get a hair-cut...two down, two to go!

Muffin, you're getting fat.  Yes, you.   

Thursday, May 23, 2013


I titled this post RAIN...because that's pretty much what's been happening around here for the last few days.  I don't think it's stopped for 2 minutes since Monday.  It doesn't make a farmer's life easy, let's just say that. :-)

Today my project was to put up this fence to protect these baby apple trees from terrorists (i.e. sheeps and deers lol)  It was kind of fun, except for the fact that I just about ran out of dry coats to wear!  Maybe I should have bought one of those umbrella hats.  Ya.  That would've worked. 

Petunia...looking very unimpressed.  
"You mean we don't get to eat those trees anymore?  You people."

Muffin looks sort of like a cat after a bath.  The sheep have really had a good soaking lately.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Well, if you're interested in finding out what the Bowes Farm experience is like, this is it :-)  This was taken for my sisters who miss all of their animals very much! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Food Prep. Pictures

 Some days I enjoy taking pictures of food prep in the kitchen.  Some things are just so pretty, like a jar of cream being poured into the mixer...or fresh butter! 

Cottage Cheese

Rhubarb that is soon to be canned

 I got to try out my new Tattler Lids on my rhubarb sauce and pie filling.  They are re-useable, which not only makes them a very good preparedness item, but also will save you money in the long run if you do a lot of canning.
 They are very simple to use, and are attractive to the eye!

So, those were my projects for Friday...what a busy day it was!  I tried to make yogurt that day too, which didn't turn out quite right again.  Still need to look up what causes it to curdle like it has done though I follow directions and temperatures closely. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Animals and More :-)

I think the dogs are really beginning to miss their real mom!
"Valerie please come back to me!" Riley says.

This is what Snowberry thought when I walked through the door instead of Valerie
 "You didn't leave me for good, did you?!"

"Hi Valerie, I'm hungry." Blackberry says.

"Please, oh please, oh please come back for me Victoria and Caroline!  She locks me up in a cage!"
 "We love you, bring us food!"  Say Annie and Ellie.

Maya says "Hiya!"

Planted my cucumbers in water troughs this year.  I hope they do well!

Mommy, one of your roses bloomed!

And here's your pets, happily sucking away

"Don't forget about us, girls!  Bring us back lots of good things to eat!"

"Who are you?"  That's what she said to me. :-)

"Who cares who she is as long as she shovels over the grub."

 In unison "Ditto that big mama!"

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Busy Days!!!!

 These last few days have been extremely busy ones for me!  
If you have been following my sweet mother's wonderful blog, you will see that the family is on a cross-country trip to the East Coast.  They're having a great time!  I am taking care of all of their critters and mowing while they are gone.  It's a big job, but I am enjoying it!

I have most of the garden planted now.  The weather has been ideal to get the garden started early.  Thank you Lord!

 The lambs are getting a little hard to lift now.  They sure are sweet though :-)
I had fun with the colors in this photo


Sandy was watching me in the garden

This was a beautiful sunset that we had a few nights ago.  I loved the way the barn looked that night.

Now that I have a new web browser, I'm finally able to post pictures again.  I've been struggling with it for several weeks, and finally did what Richie recommended...switch from google to firefox.  I'm a happy blogger now!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Good News! 5-1-13

Yesterday we were anxious as we prepared ourselves for what the doctors might tell us.  Just thinking about the possibility of having to go though chemo again made Richie dry heave all morning.  It was awful.  We tried not to worry, we knew that God is in complete control of Richie's health.  In the blink of an eye He could change the tumor markers to normal.  That would be no big deal for God.  We know that!  Why do our minds always jump to the worst case scenario?  I guess it's because we are constantly in a state of sanctification and will never quite rid ourselves of the chronic case of fear and distrust.  But, we are learning, and God is tenderly leading our sinful selves in the path of righteousness.
The doctors told Richie that he couldn't be doing any better, and that his tumor markers were trending down, which is a very good thing and would not happen unless the elevated number was something other than cancer.  The number was down to 6, which is good.  They don't have to see Richie again until July.  Hallelujah!  We were absolutely ecstatic leaving the office yesterday.  "When are we going to learn?" I asked Richie.  When are we going to learn not to waste an entire morning agonizing over what could happen? 
Thank you so much for all of your prayers everyone...we continue to be humbled and encouraged by the love and care from each of you.  God bless!

 Isaiah 52:10 Jesus is God's holy arm.  He is the arm of strength...fully extended, clothed in majesty, stretched forth to heal, mighty to protect, gentle to uphold, covering you with mercies, embracing you in grace, holding you firmly with love."