Thursday, April 18, 2013


I sure love all of my cute little brothers.  They came to visit and play games with me last week!
Joe wanted to help me gather some rhubarb for pies, which is funny, because he doesn't even like rhubarb pie.  Kind of reverse of the little red hen story, huh?
Only boys would figure out how to crack open walnut shells by throwing them on the floor.
Uh oh.  Somehow Benny bear found some money.  "What do you have Benjamin?"  I asked
"Dolla bill?!  Dolla bill!!!!"
Everyone forgot coats that day, and Benjamin didn't want to wear one anyway.  His sleeper worked as a coat when we went to feed the chickens. 
The rhubarb collector!

Benjamin happily eating blueberries and milk.
Joe mixing up the blueberry pie filling.  Notice the blue around his lips ;-)
Timmy assured me that he had used a knife before.  I allowed him to cut up the rhubarb.  He did an excellent job!
Joe showed me his hurt lip.
Benjamin filling up a measuring cup with water for me.  Only problem with this method was that by the time the measuring cup got into my hands, most of the water had spilled :-)
Benjamin shed pieces of clothing throughout the day. 
A beautiful blueberry pie with a J for Joe!
And a Rhubarb pie with a T for Timmy!


  1. LOVE IT!!! Awesome photos of some very cute boys! : -) And your captions sure made me smile and chuckle!

    They had such a fun time! Thanks for making these special memories with them! They love you and Richie sooooo much!
    And so do I! : -)


  2. Benjamin found some benjamins! So cute! You sure are a great pie baker, and isn't it lucky that Joe doesn't like it? More for everyone else!! Great fun day. ♥