Sunday, April 28, 2013


Well, I should be at church right now.  I would be, except that one side of my face is swollen up like a balloon.  One my honey bees decided to fly under my sunglasses and sting me right beneath the eye on Thursday.  By the next day, my face was so swollen I couldn't hardly see out of one eye.  Today, it is a little better, but still bad.  It's not fun :-( 
So, I'm sitting here, doing a much-needed update on the blog with an ice pack held to my cheek. :-)
The lambs are getting so big! 

Timmy and Joe spent last Tuesday with me!
We went on a hike, had a picnic lunch, and hunted bugs. 
And of course we had a photo shoot :-)
This is the road up to the grassy field where we had our lunch.
It sure is beautiful up there!

Joe was drinking homemade root beer and burping while he talked.
This is the boy's idea of "look cool!" 

Oh, and before I forget, could you all please pray for this Wednesday's appointment in Seattle?  They will do more blood work and talk with us about the results.  Please pray that God's will would be done and that Richie and I will have peace whatever the outcome.  Thank you!!!


  1. Who in the world keeps looking at your blog from Nagpur, Maharashtra? Where in the world is that even at, anyway?

    Will be praying for you!

  2. Hi Sweetheart, We're praying for clear, complete, and correct information at your appointment today . . . but especially that it will be good news on Richie's condition. Love, Daddy!