Monday, April 1, 2013


Happy April first everyone!  And a happy belated
Easter as well.  I don't know about all of you, but Richie and I were blessed to note this Resurrection Sunday as one of the best ever.  Pastor Dean gave a wonderful sermon as usual, in fact, we listened to it again in the evening in order to let the message sink in even more. 

My whole big fun family came to spend the afternoon and evening with us, so as you can imagine, the hill was hoppin'!
 Richie got to work and pressure washed the tractors so we could use them as props to hide eggs for Timmy, Joe, and Benjamin.

If you were to come and visit us on one of these sizzling hot (72+!) evenings, you would find yourself parked in the shade of the barn to visit and enjoy the view. 

Ready for the great hunt!

Clever egg hiding strategy...Victoria's brilliant idea I think.

This one wins the award for the prettiest pictures I took that day! 
My sweet sis Victoria.

I like this picture with the tractors and guys in the background.

Mommy says "Chocolate for me?!"

Sure, he looks sweet an innocent here, but he is the master of
candy snatching before the boys get to the eggs.

Sweet sisters!

Richie fired up each of his "Johnny Poppers"  They sure sound neat!

Notice the gigantic cleats Benjamin has on.  Sometimes little things are able to slip out the door without notice when a big family is getting ready to leave the house.  Benjamin snuck out with two right-foot cleats on that belong to Timmy.  He got away without anyone noticing the unusual size and shape of his feet until the van was almost to our place!


"What are those guys up to?" you ask.  A grand invention. 
Jalapeno slices on a deviled egg. 


Janet and Rich make a very happy picture!


When the sun started to set things quieted down a little.  We sat around and talked, had some wonderful strawberry shortcake, and listened to Pastor Dean's sermon on Richie's laptop.  What a wonderful way to end the day!


  1. Oh, what a wonderful time we had with you all! Thank you for such a super special afternoon and evening!

    We LOVE the pictures and the funny captions! We laughed, and enjoyed the day all over again!

    Love you all so much!

  2. Such a lovely day for you all to enjoy together! Thank you for posting such great photos, Lydia. It was as if I were right there with you! Love to all!

  3. You better believe it! I am a candy snacher extraordinaire! Little egg grabbers beware! Of course, I saw some others snaching candy too . . .

    See ya tonight, sis!