Sunday, March 3, 2013


What a lovely and busy day it was today!  I had a great time leading worship with my dad and beautiful sisters this morning.  Then later on we had 4 different groups of people come to visit and see the lambs.  I even got my run in, which hasn't been happening of late.  I just HAD to spend some time in the beautiful sunshine!  Richie worked on his dozer that is in many pieces.  It's really coming along now!

It was the lambs' first day outside today!  They sure enjoyed it.  They thought maybe Sandy was their long-lost mother.  Sandy didn't mind very much. 

Muffin is such a sweetie.  We love her!!!

Poor little Peanut got sold today.  I will miss him!

Brownie and Ginger watching Lucy sniff around Peanut.

Lucy getting to know Brownie 

Cute little guys! 

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