Friday, March 22, 2013


Last weekend my mom, sisters Valerie, little miss Marvelous, and Benjamin helped me bring home our new rabbit hutch.  I traded it for a couple lambs with a friend last year, and didn't get around to bringing it home until recently.  I'm excited to get started with meat rabbits after we get it painted and ready!

The race is on!   

Ginger you're a little too close!

 Muffin is a pretty little gal. 

"What is that thing?"

All of our plants are starting to grow in the warmth of the house.
This picture shows leeks, peppers in the background, and celery (which is so small you can't see it in the picture.)
Cabbage to the left, onions to the right, basil in the background.
Potatoes are ready to plant very soon!

Mr. Big is such a fun little guy! 
I'm glad we're not the ones that have to eat him :-(

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  1. Oh, Lydia, such wonderful will be such fun to watch the animals grow as well as your wonderful garden. Have fun!