Thursday, February 28, 2013

Muffin's Adventures

Muffin had to spend a couple days in the house with us.  She really liked that, as did I.  :-)
Of course it was great fun until the night.  She would get up every couple hours and start bleating and looking for us.  Richie would hang his hand over the bed and she'd come to him and lie down there. 
Sweet little thing! 

All tucked into a towel with a warm brick.

This was her spot in the kitchen while I was working in there. 
She explored the house a little, but  had a pretty difficult time walking on all of our floors. 
Now, muffin is out with her siblings, the house smells a lot better, and I miss her a little bit! :-)

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  1. Ah, she is sooooooo cute! Good job with all that extra lovin.' on her. She sounds like she's really enjoyed all the TLC! So it sounds like she is going to be just fine? And everyone else is doing good too? Never a dull moment on the farm! :-)

    Love you,