Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snow Today!

We have a few inches of wet snow today. 

Sandy and Lefty wisely choose to hibernate in this type of weather.

"Richie has a firetruck?!" you say.
Yes, he has two of them, actually :-)

The sheep are staying nice and dry in their Costco canopy home

Such a lovely view from up here!


  1. Oh how beautiful! I enjoyed looking at your pictures. :o) Very nice!

    We had some snow this morning too and still do now. About an inch.Less now I think.

    Come on Rosie!!! You are driving your "Aunts" and "Uncles"(?) crazy! :o) Have your brown/white heifer calf soon... okay?


  2. Glad you liked the pictures Victoria ;-) You're funny. I like your positive thinking about the calf. Richie says he thinks (she'll) probably be mostly black with some white. We'll see! Love ya!