Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I’m sorry I haven’t been around much lately!  It’s been so busy around the farm; I’ve had to remind myself to keep breathing!

The source of most of this busyness is from our exorbitant amount of milk.  We’re getting about 4 gallons a day, and as you can imagine, that really adds up!  I try to get rid of a few gallons a day by making cheese, custard, rice pudding, tapioca pudding, ice cream, yogurt, frozen yogurt, butter, buttermilk muffins, sour cream, cream of mushroom soup, cream of vegetable soup, gravy….any other good ideas anyone???  Once we have a cheese press set up, we’ll be able to make some hard cheese, which hopefully will help make a dent in the milk!  

A few hours of my day is already sucked up with the milking and care taking of Rosie and all the sheep, not to mention running down to the neighbors for hay every few days.  :-)

Yesterday a good friend had double knee surgery, so we spent the day in Olympia with the couple.  I spent some to that time working on a new website for all of our farm business endeavors.  Richie came up with a wonderful name for it: Harmony Heritage Farm.  Awesome!!!  So, some of my time has been devoted to building this website now too.  Richie’s now working on getting us a P.O. box and a business license…hopefully we won’t have too much trouble dealing with the State. 

Here's our new website...it's under heavy construction at this time, but one day it will be fully functional and wonderful! www.harmonyheritagefarm.com 

 Oh, and by the way, Richie is doing GREAT!  Please pray that the upcoming appointment in a week will show good results...the Dr. will do a scan and blood tests.  Thanks!


  1. Hi you two! I hope you are remembering to breathe? : -) We love it when you blog about all your adventures, so we can try to keep up with you! : -) It is fun to read about all that you are doing! And we love the WAY you write, with your positive, cheerful, and cute sense of humor. And we absolutely LOVE your pictures! They are always so awesome! We enjoy every post sooooo much! So, please don't give it up! But no pressure! : -) We sure understand time limits and the fact that "to everything there is a season." But we want you to know how much we appreciate the time you take to blog and how much your keeping in touch this way means to all of us. But seriously, no pressure! : -) We just love you two so much, and being a part of the life God has blessed you with!!!!

    How is the Harmony Heritage Farm business logisics coming along? Your website is beautiful!!!! Wow, you've done a fabulous job on it! Love all the photos!!! Can't wait to see how the Lord blesses it as you continually commit it all to Him!

    So how about making some fresh, homemade ice-cream for dessert when you come over tomorrow night?

    Is Elsie looking any closer to lambing? Can't wait to see what she has!

    We'll continue praying for Richie and smooth sailing and great news for his upcoming appointment!

    Can't wait to see you two tomorrow!
    Love you,

  2. Hello Lydia!
    Sorry, I have not been on here to comment on your blog!
    But, I have been consistently reading your updates, :-)

    Glad to see you both are staying healthy...... and busy!
    Wow! That is a lot of Milk!!!
    I am sure it is well worth it though, when your able to sit down and enjoy things made from that hard work!

    Your website is absolutely beautiful too! I think the name is just right! ;-)

    May God Bless you both!!

    ~ In Christ ~ Hannah

  3. I love the name you've picked! The website looks fantastic! I still pray for you and Richie every day. Hope all goes well at the next appointment. Love you!